Our Strategy

Our business is built on these three strategic pillars.

  1. Growing our customer base through capital-efficient product sales in our insurance businesses.
  2. Creating sustainable income from our real estate businesses.
  3. Maximizing value for our shareholders.

We maintain and achieve our strategy through:

Dynamic structure

The Group’s dynamic structure enables it to adapt quickly to market and regulatory changes without interrupting its business. This allows us to remain financially strong across all our businesses. In turn, this allows us to meet our obligations and commitments to our customers and stakeholders.

Diversified collaboration

Our Group’s mix of businesses enables us to benefit from diversifying across industries, and cross-supplying to businesses in the countries where we operate. We leverage from our Group’s expertise and capabilities across all businesses. We have created synergies between our businesses and distribution channels. We are constantly exploring global best practices to incorporate the same in our divisions’ processes, through central support services such as Finance, HR and IT.

Investment strategy

We’re continuing to capitalise on our internal investment expertise and invest in the Gulf Cooperation Council states. Our strategy of converting idle land into income-producing properties has contributed significantly to our positive bottom line.


Preserving our customers’ trust is of utmost importance to us. Our customer acquisition and retention strategy includes strengthening our in-house direct business distribution channels; expanding our brokers network; enhancing our bancassurance agreements; and focusing on small and medium-sized contracts.

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