Corporate Governance 

Adoption of best corporate governance standards and framework in its daily activities is pillar-stone of company’s policy. It conducts its business strictly on the basis of high transparency, fair and lawful dealings and protection of the interest of its shareholders and stakeholders.

Board of Directors have appointed three committees to oversee, execute and advise the Board on its legal and regulatory responsibilities in managing the company’s affair. The three committees are detailed as under.

The Audit Committee monitors our internal audit procedures and external auditors for effectiveness, independence, legal compliance, best practice, and company standards. The Committee also reviews the financial statements and annual reports according to the international accounting and disclosure standards.

The Risk Management Committee is responsible for managing, reporting and monitoring financial and operational risk across the Group. It ensures that we have appropriate risk controls and procedures, and comply with regulatory requirements.  The Committee also aims to continuously educate all employees on effective risk management processes.

Risk management committee charter 

The Nomination and Remuneration committee oversees and approves the remuneration structure proposals and bonuses for all senior management, executive management and board members. The Committee fosters a transparent approach that rewards exceptional performance and contributions to sustainable business results.

Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter