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Our spectrum of insurance products also includes specialized and tailor-made insurance covers for SMEs to protect their business, assets and employees from risks associated with their operations.

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Quality restaurant insurance is as important to your business as good menus and reviews. However, we know it’s probably the last thing on your mind. So you can trust us to keep things simple. Because we understand your risks and challenges, we’ll create the insurance policy you need, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Since our establishment in 1979, we’ve been committed to insuring schools in Qatar. In this time, we’ve gained a deep understanding of schools’ insurance needs and become experts in the market. You can rely on us to provide a complete insurance package, specially designed for your school.

Grocery stores and supermarkets are vital businesses in Qatar. Everyone in the community uses them to purchase life’s essentials. So, for the benefit of your business and the community, it’s crucial you protect your store with the right insurance. We can offer you quality Supermarket Insurance at an affordable rate.

As a pharmacy owner, you’ll know how important it is to focus on your work without worrying about risks. That’s where our cover comes in. Our experts will provide you with comprehensive insurance that protects your business and gives you peace of mind.

Your business means everything to you. Even the smallest incident can disrupt your work and confidence. So it’s good to know you can rely on us to provide high quality and low cost insurance for your beauty salon. And should you need to claim, we’ll act quickly and help get your business back on track.

No two car show rooms are the same. Neither are our Car Show Room policies. We can tailor your policy to suit your needs, which includes covering the vehicles at your premises.

Commercial offices across Qatar work in many different sectors. But all have one thing in common: they need office insurance. Because when things go wrong, your business can face a costly burden. Our office insurance can free you from that burden, providing comprehensive cover and services at affordable rates.

If you’re looking for jewellery insurance, it’s important to find a policy that meets your needs. And with jewellery so attractive to thieves, it’s vital you protect it with suitable cover. Our specialist Jewellers’ Block policy provides insurance for jewellers’ risks, including retail, wholesale and repairers.

The cover provides full theft protection and covers stock relating to travel, entrustments to third parties, and home risk. You can also add extensions including – but not limited to – exhibitions, fidelity, defective title, buildings, business interruption, personal accident/assault, employer, and public liabilities.

Ask for our ‘All Risks’ insurances which provides comprehensive covers tailored to the needs of each trade.