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press conference for the second corporate governance conference

26 September 2018

Doha – Qatar

Tuesday 25 September  Hawkama held press conference for the second corporate governance conference which Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company is participating in this conference as a golden sponsor of the event. This conference aims to announce the coming activities for the second corporate governance conference.

During the press conference, Mr. George Wakim, Group Legal Manager – Group Official Spokesman delivered a speech in which he said:

It is to our great pleasure to participate for the second year in a row in the Corporate Governance Conference as a “Gold Sponsor”.

Our participation comes to affirm and emphasize the amount of significance and importance paid by Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Q.P.S.C. towards Corporate Governance, being the backbone of the leading Companies’ performance and constituting a guarantee of transparency and sound business management.

It is our Company’s pride and honor, as one of the leading companies in implementing Sound Governance Principles in the State of Qatar, to participate in sponsoring this Conference, driven by our belief of the significant key role that Corporate Governance serves, which is considered one of our priorities and objectives, aiming to ensure corporate performance best practices and prompted by our conviction that Governance constitutes an integral part of the Company’s core value.

In furtherance of this direction, the Company actively works on an effective implementation of Governance principles in accordance with the international standards and best practices and as per the relevant legislations towards establishing the necessary transparency and disclosure rules in all the Company’s transactions, that we are quite proud of it.

We would like to seize this opportunity to highlight the high standard and active role that Corporate Governance has advanced into in the State of Qatar, that encourages us to move forward in business development among the operating companies in the State of Qatar.

To conclude, we extend our thanks to the Conference organizers for their effective role in providing an in-depth definition of the Governance concepts and principles.  Our special thanks go to Messrs. Qatar Central Bank and Qatar Financial Markets Authority for their considerable role in establishing the Governance concept in the State of Qatar.

Wishing all a productive and rewarding participation.


The second conference of the corporate governance will be held from 2 to 4 October at four seasons hotel (Doha) under the auspices of Qatar Financial Markets Authority and will attract distinguished speakers from the Qatar Financial Markets Authority and Qatar Exchange, as well as experts from Qatari public companies.

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