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5th Insurance Companies Futsal Tournament Draw Unveiled

26 April 2017


24  April 2017: Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Company (QGIRCO) announced on Monday, April 24, 2017 the launch of the fifth edition of the Futsal Tournament for Insurance Companies, which will be organized by QGIRCO during the period from May 11th to 21st at Al-Arabi Sports Club. The announcement of the tournament and draw of the draw were unveiled at a press conference that was held at Doha Marriott Hotel in the presence of CEOs of insurance companies in Qatar, and a number of directors and representatives of the participating teams.

Seven national insurance companies, including Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Company, Qatar Insurance Group, Islamic Insurance, Al-Khaleej Takaful Insurance, Doha Insurance Company, AlKoot Insurance and Reinsurance Company and Al-Daman Islamic Insurance Company “Beema” are participating in this edition of the tournament.

In a welcome speech at the press conference, Mr. Khalifa Al Kaabi, Board Member of Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Company, expressed his happiness for the success of this tournament, pointing out that its continuation for the fifth year indicates the success of the idea which was launched five years ago and was one of the first activities combining companies from one sector in our beloved State of Qatar.

Al-Kaabi added: “The main motive behind this idea was to extend bridges of communication between the insurance companies in Qatar, and today we are meeting for the fifth time together under one roof and under one objective: to emphasize the role of sports in developing the sense of belonging to the institution, a trend that has always been encouraged by the State of Qatar.” He pointed out that the tournament reflects the vitality of the sports taking place in the veins of players from the insurance companies in Qatar.

The draw was held in the presence of the sports media broadcaster Ayman Jadah, as well as the former international referee Jamal Al-Shareef, as both led the distribution of teams participating into two groups. As a result of the draw, the 4th edition champions Al-Khaleej Takaful Insurance will lead Group A alongside Qatar Insurance Group, AlKoot Insurance and Reinsurance Company, and Al-Daman Islamic Insurance Company “Beema”, while Group B will feature the hosts Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Company alongside Islamic Insurance, and Doha Insurance Company.

The tournament is one of the first of its kind in the field of indoor football, and is dedicated only to employees of a certain sector in the State of Qatar. The tournament is a special opportunity to enhance communication between insurance companies in Qatar, as well as to expand the base of participation in sports and physical activity and increase the rates of active participation, and consolidate the foundations of good relations between employees of participating insurance companies.

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